Aluweld S.A. is a Swiss company founded in 1983 in Geneva. Copyright 1983-2013 all rights Reserved Aluweld S.A. Geneva. Aluweld makes and sells electronic technological products able to climb and descend any type of stairs.

Aluweld S.A. develops new concepts for public utility. The Engineering's department is at present working on the following products :


Globetrotter 2000, in the zone of the paramedical, is a wheelchair for persons with reduced mobility.

Attila the lift trolly useful for Industrial, organizations or for private use. It is able to lift more than 150 kg of all Shapes and sizes.

To have prefect technology, to inform and meet all the requirements of customers, Aluweld S.A. has to this day, invested 2 million Swiss francs thus keeping up to date research, development,


The departments of administration and distribution are always in search of novelties. They are responible essentially for the organization, marketing, and multimedia publications.