Globetrotter 2000

It is with pleasure that we present you the Globetrotter 2000.



Environmentally, friendly, and attractive this electronic wheelchair, allows any person with reduced mobility to climb or descend any type of stairs quickly, without physical effort and in complete safety, even spiral staircasesl

Globetrotter 2000 has a gage of security and safety . In the case of inaccessibility to elevators, notably during a breakdown, during fire, during insufficient space, etc. The mobility of the Globetrotter allows the passenger to remain confident practically anyware and reach everywhere carefree.





Correctly installed in the adorned polyurethane seat, the excellent comfort will give you wings. A great feeling of security when the climbing or the descent of stairs arises.

This jewel of technology is a real liberator; it allows the passanger to climb 4000 steps without a battery recherge. To go out to the cinema, to the theater, to take a long journey, Globetrotter 2000 beats all the records of movement.

Download the documentation in here pdf


Globetrotter will make you dream. It is the worlds unique wheelchair with a reduced width of 36 cms allowing easy movement through the central aisle of planes, subways, trains, coaches, to reach a reserved place.

Light as a feather, it weighs only 49,5 Kg . 99 Lbs (+battery) The force and power of a bull, it will lift upto 150 kg. Modular, it is based on a non-tube frame made of light alloy, technological master piece,. Equipped with brakes, it stops automatically or manually.

The new product Globetrotter 2000 has a new motor and new battery Nick, Mg. 24 Volts and 11.6 Kg - 25 Lbs