The Aluweld company is a Swiss company, founded in 1983. Implanted in Geneva, it makes and sells motorized concepts which rise and descend any type of stairs. Aluweld has invested more than two million Swiss francs in the research and development, particularly for the development of a wheelchair which transports the persons with reduced mobility.


Globetrotter 2000 is an exceptional concept. It has always given complete satisfaction to all its users, while keeping the label IT of quality, that Aluweld always had. It is approved by health and illness assurance companies


The first Globetrotter version was born in 1983. The success without ambiguity brought the designer to create a second innovative version, Globetrotter 2000. The improvement of its performance and its reliability was never been denied; it constitutes a reference in the mater.

The 6 juni 2006 delevery the new Globetrotter 2000

  • Credit Suisse Prize for the applied research.
  • Golden medal and congratulations of the Jury in the 18-th international Salon of the inventions 1990 of Geneva.
  • Prize for the Batelle institute awarded for the best social concept worldwide.
  • Prize Rolex Award Spirit of Enterprise.
  • Design Prize of Soleure, Switzerland.
  • Selected at Hanover's fair in 1994 among one of the best Swiss products.